Use Insights to Connect with Your Ideal Patients

Patient Persona:

In the age of dynamic online communities, we need to know what the potential patients need, what they like or don’t like speaking about. We need to know in which period of the day, on which online platform they obtain information, talk or even watch a movie. The so-called Buyer Persona used in traditional marketing gives detailed information about the objective characteristics of a specified target group (age, sex, location, income status, education, etc,) and about its expected behaviour (preferences, obstacles, values, targets, expectations, etc,). Our agency specialized in private healthcare services established the patient personality profile. With the help of this, we can model patient target groups on a personal level in accordance with the professional and business goals of the private healthcare enterprise and we can communicate with them effectively. We can create Patient Digital Twin (Patient persona 2.0) in order to offer the best service…because we know a lot about our patient persona in the digital space.

Our approach:

We draw up patient personality profiles with multi-stage research, whereby we use the research methods of several disciplines from psychology to network research. Depending on the business goal(s) we want to reach we prepare more patient personality profiles. We test all of them several times and on the basis of the results obtained, we further refine them. We regularly extend and update the patient personality profiles with the use of the information gained during our marketing activity.


Having the patient personality profile, we have the opportunity to address the potential patients at the best time, at the best place and with the most efficient visual and written content. As a result, we can participate in the preparatory conversation as an expert and partner right from the beginning of the decision-making process related to the services. Moreover, we can use the patient personality profiles for process optimization, or staff training, but it can also be useful for analysing the service portfolio. By combining the patient personality profiles with the patient journey, we can accurately control the expectations of patients and the experiences provided for them.

Patient Journey Map:

The patient journey map is the result of the detailed mapping of the process started from the patient’s first symptoms to recovery. At the steps of the process, we identify the so-called touch points, where we get in touch and communicate with the patients. We determine the expectations, desires and fears of the patients, and specify the factors that support or prevent their decision-making. By this, it becomes possible to conduct accurately directed communication at these points.

Our Approach:

Considering that healthcare services, more specifically private healthcare services are a lot more complex and sensitive than usual, 1EM worked out its own research methodology for analyzing the processes of healthcare services. We adapted the latest international research results and methodological suggestions, modified them according to the national environment and tested them many times. As a result of this process, the patient journey maps prepared by 1EM provide the most accurate insight ever into the details of the segments of healthcare service processes, from the viewpoint of the patient and the enterprise, too.


On the basis of the patient journey map we prepared, we assemble a marketing communication program optimized for the individual segments of the service process and the patient personality profiles. By this we can accurately control the expectations of the patients, we can prepare and extend the experiences provided for the patients at the different stages of the process, and we help in making the service process itself more effective, too (see sect.3.5.). In addition, the patient journey map gives accurate information about the competencies that need to be improved within the healthcare enterprise so that an even more effective operation could be achieved and it determines where the weak points of the service process are and how they can be improved.

Patient Experience Design and Expectation Management:

Patient experience and expectation planning are nowadays inevitable for establishing a brand to which patients attach nice memories and pleasant personal experiences in relation to the services provided and the quality of the whole treatment. In order to create brand value, it is important to create expectations in the patients accurately and honestly about what results they can expect, and what kind of processes they need to go through. Knowing the touchpoints determined while creating the patient personality profile and the patient journey map, the experiences and the expectations can be accurately planned.


Our agency uses the latest methods to provide the patients with experience at every point of the service process. Planning the whole patient journey, we specify where and what type of communication we have to convey, what kind of services we need to provide in order to create proper experience. We create the expectations of the patients at the different stages of the patient journey by continuous and accurate communication, by this avoiding the possible disappointments or complains deriving from excessive expectations. We continuously measure and optimize the effectiveness of our solutions put into effect.


Patient experience and expectation planning affects all the stages of the patient journey, therefore – depending on the size of the healthcare enterprise – by this, we improve the service process at more fields. We provide continuous, personalized communication and competence training courses, written guides and practical programs for our clients. We build up our marketing communication in a way that it highlights positive experiences, and it creates expectations in the patients honestly and accurately. Patient experience planning moreover plays an important role in the creation of online and mobile contents.

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