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In the accelerating digital world, the meaning of a brand is more than just a recognizable name or logo. The successful brand, let it be the personal brand of an excellent professional, or the corporate brand of an enterprise providing healthcare services is a story, too. It is a story that is useful, interesting and informative for the patient. A story, he can identify with, in which he can trust. A good brand is a durable and confidential connection, too, which does not send information about itself, but listens to and starts a conversation with the patient. A good brand identifies and differentiates.


During branding, our agency assesses and specifies the most important strengths of the healthcare professional or enterprise and stressing these strengths it can get in touch with the target audience. We specify those elements with which we can establish a strong, authentic brand story that is useful for the patients. With the continuous cooperation of our clients, we turn this into textual and visual content, creating a unified image in the digital and physical world, too. During branding, we specify the „Why”, in other words, the goal why the professional or the enterprise works. This is the engine that keeps the enterprise in motion. This „Why” must be reflected in the brand, too, because this is the goal why the professionals and assistants of the enterprise work day by day, this is why they use their expertise in order to help other people, while they personally experience successes, too.


The brand, created by our agency for the professional (personal brand) or for the enterprise (corporate brand) working in the field of healthcare is the central element of every marketing communication activity. With the use of the story behind the brand we catch and keep the attention of the patients constituting the target group, therefore we can participate in the decision-making process influencing our health right from the beginning, as a professionally and humanly trustworthy partner. The goal of our agency is to establish a durable brand value, with which the healthcare professional or enterprise can fully identify.

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