Insights Driven Marketing Through Advanced Analytics

Do you know or do you just think? We our digital actions based on facts, not opinions. The right advertising campaign can be the secret of a company’s success: by focusing on ROI and ROAS data, we set up your Analytics to the best and measure the results of digital campaigns to identify the best strategies.

Marketing Efficiency Analysis and Report:

Our agency follows the principle that we can only improve what we can measure. In the world of digital marketing, marketing communication can only be considered effective and it can serve the business and professional goals of healthcare enterprises only if its effects can accurately be shown by numbers in the profit and it allows further optimization of communication. That is why 1EM does detailed data analysis during the preparation for and while analysing all marketing communication actions, which provides accurate and objective information for its clients about the results their investment has reached, by this establishing data-informed marketing.


Our agency plans and implements every marketing communication in a way that data collection before, after and following the communication activity should be an organic part of it. We collect these data with world-class data processing platforms and we process them with analysts having multiannual national and international experience. We present the results to our partners in a transparent, visual form, that can be easily used for preparing decisions. Involving our clients, we have worked out an indicator system, that can be efficiently used during the monthly, quarterly or annual result evaluation.


With the help of the analytical and visualization methods used by 1EM, our clients continuously get information about the effectiveness of our communication work. By this, we not only make the success of the applied methods visible, but we provide important information for business planning and for identifying development possibilities. The quality of the visual elements prepared by us (graphs, infographics, etc.) allows our clients to reuse them in any other field (publications, brochures, leaflets, etc.).

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