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The seemingly simple, but in fact continuously changing social media platforms pose a serious challenge to most of the enterprises. For a successful social media presence, therefore, experienced professionals with up-to-date knowledge are required. The social media management tools we use not only let the target group learn the existing services but with the use of these tools, we can conduct an active conversation, as well. After that, we can use the information gained here for improving the efficiency of operation, for optimizing the service portfolio and for increasing the brand value.

We build up a social media strategy, which contains all the important goals, tools and ideas, which basically determine the appearance of the healthcare enterprise on social media platforms, in accordance with the business and marketing strategy.


The experts of our agency establish a continuous and rich dialogue with the target group of healthcare enterprises according to the opportunities provided by social media platforms.

On the individual platforms, we publish carefully created contents (textual and visual) that have been tested several times, and we continuously collect quantitative and qualitative data that we, after careful analysis, use later for further increasing efficiency.

We are among the first few people informed about the changes concerning social media platforms and we adapt to the changes quickly. Taking the changes into account, we continuously modify our social media strategy.


Managing social media sites: Building up social media sites, or auditing them or if necessary, completing the existing sites.

Visual and textual content generation: Preparing posts on the basis of a pre-determined theme tree

Monitoring and moderating social media sites, crisis communication: Continuously monitoring user communication on the managed platform, answering questions and moderation within a short period. Crisis communication in case the users started communication endangering the brand value.

Monitoring Facebook Page Manager and handling Facebook Ads Manager: Handling, launching and supervising ads according to the strategy, continuous measurement and analysis of effectiveness.

Facebook ad campaign plan: Working out a detailed campaign plan that contains the budget, the goal of ads, the target group, the appearance possibilities the drafting and creative materials.

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It is a three-phase process:
Phase 1 – Develop a social media marketing strategy. 

  • Prepare a detailed current state analysis, including:
    • Overview of the current social media platforms (incl. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube).
    • We will conduct comprehensive marketing research, gathering data and information on both online and offline factors affecting SMM.
    • We will work closely with SME(s), representing stakeholders, to identify and quantify key objectives and goals and time frames.
  • We will develop a layered strategy, defining short-, medium- and long-term objectives with actions and methods necessary to achieve them.
  • We will identify target groups with respective channels and message types to reach and activate them efficiently.
  • We will work closely with stakeholders to identify key stories to successfully deliver on objectives.
  • We will conduct content planning and provide creative solutions to support strategic objectives.
  • We will advise on programming, graphic design and how to advertise for all relevant social media platforms.
  • We will define meaningful metrics and key performance indicators.

Phase 2 – Social media marketing strategy implementation and validation

  • Social media management, using platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.
  • Managing a corporate page layout of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.
  • Building relevant, professional and targeted content and comprehensive content management.
  • SMP copywriting and placing approved contents.
  • 24/7/365 comment monitoring with prompt moderation and escalation.
  • SMP graphic design: profile & cover photos, advertisement and other graphics – uniform layout and design.
  • Legal harmonisation and continuous monitoring of legislative changes.
  • Managing advertisement for all relevant social media platforms.
  • Testing ad sets, analysing campaign’s results, refining and optimizing to identify the most cost-effective options.
  • SMP advertisement orchestration and management.
  • Monthly performance reporting and analysis.
  • Review, analyse and adapt the strategy to improve results.
  • We will conduct comprehensive marketing research, gathering data and information on both online and offline factors.
  • We will work closely with stakeholders through SMEs, to identify and quantify key objectives, goals and time frames.
  • Crisis communication.

Phase 3 – Continuous improvement and support

  • Continuous adjustments and accommodation of trends based on depth data analyses.
  • SMM training for Client teams to support harmonisation of SMM activities.
  • Business Intelligence services implementation to help build a data-informed company and provide digital dashboards.
  • Advisory on opportunities using Artificial Intelligence solutions to support Client services.

Sentiment Analysis:

Sentiment analysis is one of the most important elements of social media marketing, during which we analyse the emotional elements of patients’ opinion appearing on social media platforms, blogs, emails, etc., the group these opinions have an effect on, and the emotional and behavioural reactions evolved by the opinion. In the age of social media, sentiment analysis is a key issue to determine the right PR and marketing activities of the enterprises.


Our agency uses a text analysis platform, used by the leading communication agencies, which prepares objective, measurable and comparable analysis out of subjective textual contents. These platforms make the latest analytical methods available for healthcare enterprises. By examining the sentiments in their context and community, we can measure the effect of positive and negative reactions accurately and we can react to them accordingly.


With the help of sentiment analysis, we can identify the positive and negative toned messages almost real time, and we can react to them properly in the online space. We use sentiment analysis for determining the psychographic characteristics of the target groups, and when writing the text part of marketing communication contents, too. With this method, we can speak to the target group segments in their „own language”, with their own words. They understand the message, feel addressed, which increases the authenticity and personality of communication, therefore it promotes the desired action more effectively.

Social Listening:

During social listening, we continuously monitor and analyse where and in what context the healthcare enterprise is mentioned, and what kind of reactions are generated. Social network analysis combined with network monitoring helps to determine the influential positive and negative opinion leaders and their social network. With the help of this, we can work out an accurate and effective PR and marketing communication in the online social space.


Social listening and social network monitoring require the processing of a big amount of data that is quickly and continuously generated and has a varied content. For this, our agency uses the data collection and analysis platform, which is used by the leading communication agencies, too.


Using the results of social network monitoring, we can create a relatively accurate image of the online perception of the enterprise, and of the direction, speed and success of the spread of online campaigns. This makes it possible to do the finetuning as soon as possible. We can use the information gained while doing social network analysis in campaign planning, for target group segmentation, content writing, preparing patient personality profiles and for successful crisis communication.

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