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Our proven holistic approach to digital marketing encompasses the whole spectrum of tools available today and landed with tried and tested methods to maximise your organisational performance.

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What We Do

Digital Marketing Focus Areas
to Build a Healthcare Brand that Matters

Focus Your Digital

Building Strong Foundations

We take a full inventory of your digital assets and data and our seasoned experts will dive deep to optimise every single bit of them. We prepare a data-informed digital marketing strategy that will guide and drive your digital marketing execution. We integrate all aspects of your digital presence so you will have one strong, relevant and consolidated digital brand.

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Master Your Social

Conversations Instead of Pushing Messages

We build conversations using your audience‘s language through social listening and sentiment analysis for both B2B and B2C audiences. With 24/7/365 comment monitoring and prompt moderation, we ensure that your social media streams are safe. We develop a social media strategy to manage and monitor social media marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube. We ensure that your social media marketing is fully GDPR compliant.

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Improve by Insights

Insights Driven Marketing Through Advanced Analytics

We use leading platforms to collect and analyse data and build highly visual data stories to support your decision making. We build digital patient personas and data-informed patient journey maps to better understand your ideal patients. We use insights to fine tune and optimise social media marketing communication.

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Build Your

Hire, Maintain and Grow a Dedicated Team

We help you to find and hire top talent and dedicated professionals to build a team that can make a difference. We build a strong employer brand that will speed up recruitment and keep top professionals. Through training courses and workshops, we will help you to build a strong team with a sense of purpose.

How We Do it

Grow Your Brand

Build Brand Awareness, Recognition and Value

We help you to build a strong brand that will represent your goals, your values, your vision and your purpose. A strong brand makes communication more effective and efficient as well as sends a value message to your patients, professionals, teams, business partners and existing and potential investors. We use multiple platforms, methods and tools to grow and strengthen your brand.

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Deep Patient Connection

Use Insights to Connect With Your Ideal Patients

Using insights we will help you to reach your target patients effectively. We create digital patient personas and patient journey maps to design the most effective communication mix between you and your target audience. Using sentiment analysis, social listening and social analytics we will make sure that you reach exactly who you intended with the content expected.

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With us, you can increase your patient traffic and patient satisfaction through
accurately designed and targeted digital marketing communication on multiple platforms.

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